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Dawud Islam 

peterlee, england

Because I am now an established name in this industry and have been hitting an income figure of over $20,000 a month consistently for more than three years now, I am always getting asked how people can replicate my success and what the SECRET is to it.

Lots of people try and over complicate things, or pretend that there is some sort of 'mystery' ingredient that you need to unlock which, surprise surprise, usually involves you buying their product to find out what it is!

Worst of all they try and sell you the idea that there is some sort of 'shortcut' where you can just copy and paste a couple of things and then five minutes later you will be on the path towards making millions. If only things were really that simple!

However, whichever course or mentor you are following, the fact is that there really only are THREE steps that you need to follow to guarantee yourself long term success.

1. You need to promote HIGH TICKET PRODUCTS. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has ever made it big in this industry by only promoting low ticket front end offers. The numbers simply don't add up. If this is the only lesson you learn after reading this sales page then I will still have done my job. Once you accept this fact and take it on board then you have at least a CHANCE of making it big.

2. You need to join a MENTORSHIP program yourself. Yes, I do have a mentorship program myself, but I am not the right mentor for everyone. I am actually in FOUR other mentorship programs myself because I think in this industry you can never have TOO MUCH knowledge. But again look around our business and you will not find ANYONE who has made it to the top without joining a mentorship at some point to help them on their way. Every single super affiliate will tell you who was their mentor!

3. You need to launch your own products. Again you will NEVER make it right to the top if you are only ever selling other peoples products. All the top people in this industry sell their own products and if you seriously want to join them then you need to do the same.

These really are the ONLY three steps that you need to follow. Get them right and success and serious earnings are all but guaranteed. 

Inside HIGH TICKET HEIST we show you exactly what to do to achieve STEP ONE with over the shoulder videos showing how you can start earning high ticket commissions as soon as TODAY, with guaranteed approval. We also show you how to solve STEP TWO by making sure you pick the right mentor for your current circumstances (obviously this step is OPTIONAL but it is highly recommended if you want to guarantee your success). STEP THREE will follow once you have joined your chosen program as all the people we work with will show you how to launch products.

Make sure you start your journey to finally getting things right online by getting at least STEP ONE done today by picking up a copy of HIGH TICKET HEIST. It really is HIGH TICKET knowledge for a LOW TICKET price.

As usual there is no hype or sales pitch on this page or inside this product, just a simple system explained with over the shoulder videos that are simple to follow and replicate.

Dawud Islam is a TOP 5% affiliate and
TOP 10% vendor on WarriorPlus, and is a multiple Deal of The Day winner.

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